We offer A.I. driven sensor solution for quality control tasks in various industries

What We Do

Material Database Building

Material profile customizing for AI database and use them as reference to filter out and flag the suspicious substance in your process.

Sensor developing

Develop customized sensor device suits to your application and environment.

Industry Application

Our technology can be applied in various industries that related to quality control, protection, and analysis.

Technology Advantages

Real-time monitoring detection

A.I. driven database

Budget saving

Various material database

Who is this Tech for?

F & B Manufacturers

In the production line, raw material extraction in some case can be difficult to extract suspicious batch which retain the excess amount of unwanted substance for the manufacturing process. Our technology can fulfill this need on site with a minimum effect to the process.

Agricultural Facilities

Any other industry such as fertilizer manufacturers or waste water management can benefit from our technology to act upon.