Core Technology

In a nut shell

EIS (Electromagnetic Image Spectroscopy) is the groundbreaking solution to detect the unseen properties within the substance under test. The key of the technology based on machine learning by creating the database as a reference for the specified type of substance.

In the nutshell, we send the electromagnetic wave to the substance and we get the feedback signal from it, the processor in the device lookup the database to find the matching of the data and communicate to the user.


A.I. driven database

As some of the tasks encounter many unknown factors and properties in everyday job, the more we test it through the system, the more database getting more references.

Various material libraries

Sugar, soil properties, the urine analysis in medical test, you named it. We can setup the database for your test subject after enough samples have been test.

Bring the lab on site, monitor in real-time.

EIS device can be embedded into your pipeline without the need to pick up the test subject and bring it to the lab which sometimes create the buffer in the production and that means a waste of budget in your business.