Core Technology

In a nut shell

EIS (Electromagnetic Image Spectroscopy) is the groundbreaking quality control solution to detect the unseen properties within the substance under test. The key of the technology based on machine learning by creating the database as a reference for the specified type of substance. 

In the nutshell, we send the electromagnetic wave to the substance and we get the feedback signal from it, the processor in the device lookup the database to find the matching of the data and communicate to the user.

How it works

  1. Material library building

In order to create a solution with adequate accuracy, We create a material library with various formular for the machine to learn the material characteristic. 

2. Authentic Material Reference 

Once we let the machine learn enough sample. We can set the standard of material characteristic which machine perceive as an electromagnetic image by using Smith chart as a medium.

(left) Machine perception on material under test, with sap green plotted graph as the sample and the blue plotted graph as the material reference. (right) Human interface which interpret the sample as good quality.

3. Machine in operation on sample

While operating sensor device, the machine will collect the electromagnetic image of sample to analysis the similarity compare to the material reference and simultaneously improve accuracy of such material library (left). In human perspective, the user will gain the analogy data and simple true/false feedback for managing the sample under test (right).


Quality inspection based on your standard

The core idea of EIS is to be your customized measurement for your product standard to recheck internally and bypass lab sample test as much as possible. The solution support quality control team with adequate accuracy to manage the risk that may happens in the process with low cost operation while compare to lab test.

Contamination inspector

Our other main application is detecting solution. For example, the manufacturer want to extract unqualify raw material out of production line because they suspect that there are contamination substance within the units. Our solution can fit in to reduce cost with adequate accuracy that outsourcing lab test seems unreasonable.


A.I. driven database

As some of the tasks encounter many unknown factors and properties in everyday job, the more we test it through the system, the more database getting more references.

Various material libraries

 Sugar, soil properties, the urine analysis in medical test, you named it. We can setup the database for your test subject after enough samples have been test.

Bring the lab on site, monitor in real-time.

EIS device can be embedded into your pipeline without the need to pick up the test subject and bring it to the lab which sometimes create the buffer in the production and that means a waste of budget in your business.