Probe Sensory System for Agriculture

EC/Temp Probe sensor prototype with live view.

Realtime measure the essential values in liquid fertilizers

In this test trial, we have an opportunity to install our prototypes for vertical farm in the heart of Bangkok. This vertical farm need tools that consistent in measurement results yet can be installed at budget cost. Our team, at the first stage, tackled on 2 essential values: EC value and temperature. We also added additional sensors like room temperature and humidity sensor for relative study.

Probe installation on plant rail with fixer, sensors are submerged into liquid fertilizer to measure in real-time.

Standardization within farm system

The problem with existed consumer EC sensor in the market is that they are not equally calibrated and it's the problem with QC process to determine how much fertilizers to feed into the system to maintain quality of yields. So we developed a sensory system that is calibrated and guaranteed that it can deliver a precise result for farm manager to act upon.

Case study of Aqualculture

The problem with existed consumer water quility sensor cannot connecting to internet as woring in water quality monitoring for aquaculture. we developed a system and sensors to feed water quality monitoring that can realtime result for farm management to act upon.

Measured value: Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Temperature, Color of water

Optic sensor platform

Installation of power source around the pond.

Installation of sensor platform

Optic sensor tube which submerge into the pond to collect data.