Control risks. Control losses.

Build for on-site inspection.

This is a handheld sensor device which is built for clients who needs to control the quality of end product in their production line. The device suits for field tasks that requires mobility and flexibility to random testing the raw materials along the line or any anomalies that occurs in a production line and flag or remove them to improve quality of products.

The device are both sample data collector and data transmitter to our platform to improve sample database overtime for more precise accuracy. Clients can also review an in-depth detail of data via personal mobile phone.

Sleek performance. Smooth and accurate.

By approaching solution together with one of our partner, we designed it to scoop a small amount of liquid sample and inspect it within 5-10 seconds. This device suits for using in production line and have moderate amount of unit to be tested.

We tested this solution within coconut industry supply chain and found out the result as following:

Usability made simple

Accoh was designed to be used in fast pace environment in quality control process. Its functions is simple yet easy to understand for users to make a decision for risk management. The only need of sample preparation is 7.5 ml of suspicious material to be poured on the spoon with sensor probe installed at the top of the device and press inspect button.